Hayden Panettiere WHITE LACE LOVELY

Hayden Panettiere looked lovely in a white lace blouse that she bought at Wasteland while shopping at Jenni Kayne with a gal pal. Photo Credit:Fame Pictures. +5 of lovely laced Hayden under!

56 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere WHITE LACE LOVELY”

  1. ohemgee Says:


  2. Irene Says:


  3. ohemgee Says:

    i like her better woth long hair though

  4. Irene Says:

    not a fan of the shirt or outfit.
    but she looks pretty.

  5. tell me something i dont know Says:

    She is sooo pretty! Love her

  6. lauren Says:

    shes GORJUZZ but her hair is weeeiiirrddd


  7. weeea Says:


  8. weeea Says:

    my bad 7 now 8

  9. alexia Says:

    she’s soo pretty!

  10. ? Says:

    i like her new hair do

  11. rora. Says:

    tryin to kick it with the good ol’ days.

  12. sunny Says:

    love it!!!
    and of course that she’s wearing rainbow flip flops.
    such a socal thing to do =)

  13. the shuk Says:

    she looks amazing
    and her mom is amazing too

  14. the shuk Says:

    the shuk Says:

    October 16, 2008 at 7:41 am
    she looks amazing
    and her mom is amazing too
    stop trying to be me you bitch just look at my icon it looks nothing like yours and my name is blue not black

  15. Jackie Says:

    she’s super pretty!

  16. stfu HATERZ..demi and selena are fuckin pretty Says:

    i dont really like it..but shes prettyy

  17. manu Says:

    shes beautiful

  18. olivia Says:

    i really really like both of their outfits.

  19. Ashley Says:

    I like her new look. 🙂

    I think the shirt would look better if it just had the lace at the top.

  20. M y n a m e i s n ' t i m p o r t a n t Says:

    She’s pretty.

  21. gjkfjdgd Says:

    oh shit shake that ass now move it like a gypsy
    stop oh back it up now let me see your hips SWWINGG!

    bitch im the bomb like tick tick

  22. KIRBS Says:


  23. debbie Says:

    that video is great hah

  24. :) Says:

    Urghhh. I hate how oceanUP crosses out stuff like that. It’s Perez’s thing.
    But ew im not a fan of her fashion chooses but she’s pretty.

  25. Ashley Says:

    The end of that video makes me laugh SO hard.
    I love Hayden 🙂

    Nobody fucks with John McCain! lmao


  26. mikayla Says:

    whats wrong with her shirt oceanup you always have something bad to say than cross it thats so rude

  27. yoMOMMA Says:

    hayden thinks snakes are sexy JUST LIKE MCCAIN! WHOS A SNAKE!

    nobody fucks with a snake like Snake McSnake!

  28. yoMOMMA Says:

    and btw fuck you ocean up you are so rude

  29. olivia Says:


  30. ♥(: Says:

    I Love Her Hair!

  31. alexa Says:

    i shop at wasteland! wooo

  32. Luciana Says:

    She is so pretty

  33. "it's just wrong" My name is Cara (: Says:

    he’ll get fucked, and you’ll get fucked. everybody wins.

  34. Tina luvs her cuzin kathy Says:

    hahah lol let’s fuck mccain!

  35. hahahaa Says:

    seriously hayden…thats low..even for you…i use to like her and now…hahah definately not

  36. Sirrep Says:

    Her outfit and hair looks very selena gomezesh exept her hair. Lol
    Lovvee Hayden :]

  37. Sirrep Says:

    Lol! I just saw the video, I didnt expect her to curse like that, but its hilarious!

  38. asdf Says:

    she looks cute, and i like her hair…
    video freaking pisses me off.

  39. lalala Says:

    I like her hair

  40. aaaaaaaaaa Says:

    cute but her hair is weird

  41. krisiissten Says:




  42. krisiissten Says:

    HAHAHA that video is jokes!

  43. Kris Says:

    HHHAHAHAHA OMGG! hahah that video is sooooooooooooooo funny! lmfao omg haha the ending was the best ❤ i love you hayden !

  44. Maddie Says:

    hayden always looks gorgeous.

  45. hi Says:

    i used to be a fan of her but after watching that video she made about McCain, i so do not like her anymore. shes really pretty but that video was messed up.

  46. i heart vfc Says:

    lol. woooww. obama becomes more
    and more of celeb vote every second.

  47. katie Says:

    LMFAO @ the video
    hahahahaha oh man

  48. cassie Says:


  49. jb luverrrr Says:

    uu gotta love that videoo..lol

  50. Mrs.Jonas Says:

    Wtf was this the last video?
    Is that real ?

  51. mikayla Says:

    i used to be a fan of her but after watching that video she made about McCain, i so do not like her anymore. shes really pretty but that video was messed up.

    its a joke god you have no sense of humor and if she doesnt vote for mccain than so what if you dont like her after this vid then you arent a real fan

  52. Tru Says:

    I Love her she is one of my idols! Much Love Hayden!

  53. becky baybey Says:

    Hayden is so gorgeous and she’s so talented and stylish. She’s awesome 🙂

  54. :)honestly:) Says:

    Her friend’s blouse is nice!
    But Hayden’s blouse? Not so much. And the hair is..not so much either. But on the other hand, nice sunglasses!

  55. shopper Says:

    her shirt is from express. not wasteland

  56. Neseex Says:

    that vid is funny
    and agree VOTE OBAMA!

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