JONAS Costar Nicole Anderson’s Show Secrets!

Nicole Anderson spilled JONAS secrets at the Tiger Beat & BOP office. The Jonas Brothers new Disney Channel series is expected to premiere in Spring 2009.

70 Responses to “JONAS Costar Nicole Anderson’s Show Secrets!”

  1. abbbby Says:

    YAYYY ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. the shuk Says:


  3. tia Says:

    the jonas brothers have gotten kinda annoying. their fames seems to be going to them. ok let me fix that comment. JOE has gotten annoying and HIS fame seems to be getting to HIM!

    the other 2 are still ok.


  4. monica Says:

    she’s pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

    jbfbdb say whatttt


  5. rocknroll Says:


  6. joe jonas Says:


  7. tell me something i dont know Says:


  8. Alyson Says:


  9. Alyson Says:


  10. Evie Says:

    wow, she’s pretty!
    i love her hair.
    i’m really excited for the show to air!

  11. Kelly Says:

    WTF. They said August 08 goddamnit!

  12. L3ily Says:

    yay i’m so excited to watch JONAS!!!!!!

  13. amelia Says:

    she’s pretty! probably the next disney star!

  14. First Says:

    who? is? she? JK i know! shes a up cooming disney star!!

  15. Valentina Says:

    i;m stoked!

  16. Alexa Says:

    WTF. They said August 08 goddamnit!

    it got pushed back because of the writers strike or something like that?
    if not it as b/c of Camp rock ,touring or something work related?

  17. KT [breakfast club] Says:

    i hate the way her hair is cut, her head is too round for that.
    but, she seems awesomeee.

  18. katieee! Says:

    im so excited for the showww.

  19. Hayden Says:

    You’re very pretty, but pretty stupid too, hon…

  20. Alexa Says:

    it wont play!

  21. Afton Says:

    I should have been her part.

  22. yah trick Says:

    shes lucky..
    can’t wait to watch it !

  23. hahahaa Says:

    take off some makeup hun then you would be pretty

  24. OhmyJemi Says:

    how old is she?

  25. Afton Says:

    She plays Macy

  26. A Says:

    she’s soooo ugly and seems really dumb! i do NOT want to watch her on jonas, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  27. Addi Says:

    ok seriously who the hell will she play

    she looks like maya kibbel and she seems REALLY annoying

    why is it all the new dc stars are so freakin annoying like meaghan martin, debbie ryan, chelsea staub ,etc., etc.

    and how many freakin girls are gonna be in their show? they already have chelsea staub and then theres supposed to be another girl and then all these other people they supposedly cast but maybe some of them probably got cut

    but anyway idk about this show its not original enough…

  28. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    she’s really pretty
    and she seems really bubbly

    i don’t see why you guys are trying to hate on her already when you dont know her
    from what i’ve seen so far,
    theres nothing really wrong with her

  29. sara Says:

    Debby RYan and Chelsea Staub and Meaghan Martin arent annoying!!!
    Unless u fine sweet polite girls annoying
    I have met Chelsea and Meaghan and they are the nicest people ever so dont trash them, chelseas a sweetheart
    and i have talked to debby on myspace before she was famous and she too seems really nice

    so give this girl a chance u havent even seen her act and u probably know absolutely nothing bout her!

  30. DemiOwnsMiley Says:

    i just figured out who she looks like

    she looks like mandy moore!

  31. yEAHhhh Says:

    oh shit.
    now everyone will hate that chick because she works with the dbag brothers. ..and know one even knows her yet.

    how sad.

  32. justine Says:


    and also i cant wait for Sonny with a chance

    its demi lovato’s own disney channel series

  33. . Says:

    She’s so cute! Poor girl I hope she doesn’t get hated on for stupid reasons.

  34. suzan Says:

    you really can’t bash new disney stargirls cause if theyre not bubbly or cute, disney won’t have ’em, so they’re either naturally like that or putting on a great act.
    the disney image is smiling, happy, and friendly.

  35. Maddie Says:

    aw ๐Ÿ™‚ shes so bubbly and cute. i love her hair.
    i love that disney is going for more “edgy” and diverse people on there shows now.

  36. Carol Says:

    Whoa, she’s REALLY pretty.
    She seems like a nice girl!

  37. Jackie Says:

    can’t wait for the show!

  38. Says:

    hahha you jonas fans are hilarious.
    i can already smell the jealousy.

    well guess what.
    she’es gonna spend a bunchhhhhhhhhh of time with them on set and rehearsing lines. and they are probably going to become reallyy close.

    oh yea that’s right..nothing. just throw a temper tantrum but that won’t change anything.
    in nick jonas words: “you guys should tone it down a bit”.

  39. your stalker Says:

    some of you preteen bitches need to shut the hell up. Your judging someone by watching a 30 second video. You people are the reason us jonas fans have a bad rep. You tear any girl who knows the jonas brothers apart. Seriously i’m not trying to be an ass or anything but come onnnn. You have to give people chances and get over the fact that the jonas brothers know girls besides us and their mother.

  40. ugh Says:

    she is peerrrtttyyss. lol

    new rumors.

    i can see the headlines now..uhh.

  41. Afton Says:

    Stop fucking judging her by a video.
    You don’t know anything about her,
    and you’ve seen 30 seconds of her talk.
    Therefore, there’s no way you can make a stabalized opinion about her.

    And if you’re jsut jealous she’s working with JB…
    Thanks for the nasty reputation.

  42. ORLY? LOL. CARA. Says:

    WHOA shes gorgeous.

  43. Deni Says:

    I should have been her part.


    Bitter much?

  44. Sonia.Loves.JOE.JONAS Says:


  45. kelly Says:

    i am jelouse

  46. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    Shes a cutie!
    i can’t wait for the show!

  47. aHUGEteamJBSelDemifan Says:

    WHOOO!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. lj Says:

    i wonder who booked morgan and brianna ๐Ÿ™‚
    Look nicole on imdb she is beatiful her headshits are amazing

  49. lj Says:

    hahahahahahah!!! I kent head shots and beautiful sorry by iPhone sucks ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. lj Says:

    gosh nvm

  51. Ang Says:

    she’s UGLY. it’s called personal taste. if she had nothing to do with the jonas brothers and i seen this girl randomly on the street, i would think the same exact thing. UGLY. why are disney casting people like this? there are so many cool pretty girls out there, and she’s not one of them.

  52. GRace Says:

    She looks like Mitchie from Camp Rock. How unoriginal she is with fashion. I Don’t like this girl at all.

  53. Elizabeth Says:

    sheโ€™s UGLY. itโ€™s called personal taste. if she had nothing to do with the jonas brothers and i seen this girl randomly on the street, i would think the same exact thing. UGLY. why are disney casting people like this? there are so many cool pretty girls out there, and sheโ€™s not one of them.
    Maybe because she has TALENT, and that’s worth so much more than looks.

  54. demifan Says:

    wow shes really pretty!

  55. i heart vfc Says:

    sheโ€™s UGLY. itโ€™s called personal taste. if she had nothing to do with the jonas brothers and i seen this girl randomly on the street, i would think the same exact thing. UGLY. why are disney casting people like this? there are so many cool pretty girls out there, and sheโ€™s not one of them.

    well clearly there are other people who think she
    is pretty, as do i. besides, acting is about actually
    having talent, not the face.

  56. Samantha Says:

    Wow. Are you kidding me? People are already judging her, and we just now know her? You have to be kidding me. It’s been 30 second’s and you now know her whole life story now? I think she is pretty, and your rude if you think their should be only pretty girl’s on Disney. Sorry that she probably got to hug the Jonas Brother’s and has a better chance than you. Yeah Iโ€™m a Jonas Brother’s fan, and I am saying this.

  57. shannon Says:

    shes really pretty!

  58. sunny Says:


    but not really.
    i hope this show turns out good cuz i love the JB, but theyarent that good of actors. They are more funny in like their youtube vids, then when they act.
    anywayss i like her, she seems nice.

  59. supafine Says:

    For all the people below me who are haters & think Nicole Anderson is “stupid”. . I happen to know her personally and I know she is the kind of girl who skips out on parties just to watch the presidential debates, stuff like that. k, thanks ;]

  60. kS Says:

    she sounds like an air head…but i’m sure she’s really nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Kool Kid Says:

    i actually know nicole growing up in GA and she was a straight ‘A’ student!

  62. James Dean Says:

    WOW! she is SO pretty!

    and to all those people who have posted negative b.s. about her, GET A LIFE! how can you possibly watch someone for 30 seconds and completely decide what her personality is like? Oh, wait, i know how….YOURE JEALOUS! so to all those teenage girls (maybe guys?) out there, find someone else to pick on because this girl is awesome!

  63. Donna Says:

    LOL HELL YEAHH IM JEALOUS….. I mean the bitch gets to become biffles with the Jobros…I’m sure every girl in america will initially hate her lol… and then maybe end up liking her just like Demi Lovato. So call me a hater or whatever, but it’s true hahaa

    and common’ who confuses Joe and Kevin.
    Bad Start.

  64. Donna Says:

    P.S. to supafine…. Woah real impressive… lol she skips parties to watch the presidential debate and stuff. That sure helps you make your point….LMFAO.

  65. Lynn Says:

    Joe in a trashcan! I can picture that in my head! He is such a comedian! I love him for doing that kinda stuff. Can’t wait for the show!!!

    Yeah, who wouldn’t be jealous of this girl. OMG, I wonder if she’s going to be dating one of them.

  66. dfgdfg Says:

    she reminds me of maya ๐Ÿ˜€

  67. Dangaaa Says:

    she’s pretty. Nicole Anderson..remember that name she’s an upcoming disney star. she’s lucky she got a role on JONAS. can’t wait for the show. i wonder who she plays.

  68. V Says:

    who even cares who she is?
    NO ONE

  69. Jessicaaa Says:

    i can’t wait fdor this show.
    aww nicole is so cute
    i like love her hair!

  70. sierraa. Says:

    she looks almost like me o.o
    anywho, as much as i love them jobros,
    this show is gonna suck, majorly.

    …who does she play on the show?
    damnn, i was gonna audition for it -.-‘

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