Amanda Bynes Poses At Zac Efron’s 21st Birthday

Leggy Amanda Bynes posed outside Zac Efron‘s 21st Birthday Party at Pace nightclub in LA [Up Laurel Canyon Blvd] October 18. Do YOU like Manda‘s outfit?

38 Responses to “Amanda Bynes Poses At Zac Efron’s 21st Birthday”

  1. :) Says:


  2. rachael Says:


  3. ontheDL Says:

    who doesnt love amanda bynes? shes so darn funny. lawl.

  4. hum Says:

    shes so funny
    but only quite pretty

  5. jjjj Says:

    her hair color looks best like that…i wish she came out with more movies. she’s so funny and really fun to watch.

  6. Stephyyy Says:

    yay post more of his birthday

  7. hmm? Says:

    is she still dating the guy who created Family Guy? aka the voice of Peter, Stewey and Brian???

  8. Deanna Says:

    amanda is really nice, funny and pretty.

  9. Lena Says:

    if you make a wish it will come true

  10. xoraeeee Says:

    I miss the Amanda Show. The other night me and my friend were looking up all the old episodes on youtube =]

  11. mary Says:

    she’s awesome! she used to be my favorite! i like her outfit, but i wish i could see the dress under the coat. pretttttyy coat.

  12. thebonedance Says:

    I thought she was really pretty in What I Like About You but I don’t like the way she looks anymore =/

  13. ressica&jilee Says:

    i love amanda bynes. shes a good role model she never does anything terrible.

  14. manu Says:

    yeesss. Shes beautiful and her outfit!
    I know this might sound weird.
    but i loove her knees!

  15. daniel Says:

    amanda has some legs , hmmm yummy

  16. =D Says:

    shes so pretty

  17. ME Says:

    I LOVE amanda!
    i miss what i like about you :[

  18. youcreepin'? Says:


    check out my friends celeb site

  19. Eunicebabe124 Says:

    i think she looks like a hiney

  20. muni2893 Says:

    she’s really pretty =]
    and hilariouss to watch..i love what i like about you..

  21. laura Says:

    i love her i wish i could c wutx under her dresss

  22. Person (team everyone bby) Says:


  23. Tru Says:

    I love her she is one of my favorite actresses…..She is the Man is my movie! Another one of my Idols! Much Love Amanda! Come out in some more movies!

  24. mileymandy Says:

    i love her shoes..:)

  25. hollynewz Says:

  26. Neseex Says:

    she has really round head.:)

  27. nelena is real fuck NILEY Says:

    omg how come theyre friend? (i nerver saw them hngin out together)

  28. kelcey Says:

    i LOOOVE amanda! sh’es hilarious and so pretty!

  29. nickjfan Says:

    i’ve alwayss loved herr 😀
    since all that ! and the amanda show!

  30. Old Ave Says:

    she looks kinda weird.. but whatevsss

  31. brittany Says:

  32. mrsjoejonas Says:


  33. jtothewhaa Says:

    i have that jacket
    it’s from h&m 🙂

  34. Lalynn Says:

    Wooww.. she’s really fat.. 😀
    but she’s really pretty tough! :}

  35. Carla Larrea Says:


  36. joyce Says:

    i kinda dont like her outfit but she looks pretty 🙂

  37. Sprmcandy Says:

    Beautiful girl, Great legs !

  38. Diego Says:

    love her

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