Cody Linley And Julianne Hough JITTERBUG

Cody & Julianne Jitterbug on Dancing With The Stars!

52 Responses to “Cody Linley And Julianne Hough JITTERBUG”

  1. rocky Says:


  2. jennifer cede Says:

    first finally

  3. Jenna Says:

    what is this

  4. Holly Says:

    amzing eh

  5. amanda Says:

    any videos yet?

  6. Jenna Says:

    lol just words?

  7. Yo! =) Says:


  8. lol Says:

    6th yes!!!! haha they did sooooo good

  9. Alyx Says:


  10. JESSICA Says:

    OMG OMG OMG it waas ammazing CODY LINLEY IS LIKE SOOO HOT 7th~~

  11. kat Says:

    they are wierdos

  12. jennifer cede Says:

    wow 28 points there doing awsome

  13. alittlebitlonger Says:

    yay! they did good!?!?!?!

  14. hollynewz Says:


  15. hollynewz Says:

  16. Irene Says:

    i think cody has a little thing for her.

  17. Lily Says:

  18. Lily Says:

    i think cody has a little thing for her.

    What you mine with little?

  19. Lily Says:

    *mean .. w/e (:

  20. Irene Says:

    i think cody has a little thing for her.

    What you mine with little?

    idk i heard he liked her somewheree..

  21. ddd Says:

    ;ily wouldnt you ? shes hot.

  22. me!!! Says:

    omg it was amazing!!!!
    love it!!!

  23. camm Says:

    they were awesome!!

  24. ohh baby =] Says:

    I sent in some miley pictures. They should show up soon. lol

  25. ohh baby =] Says:

    oh and they were awesome! 🙂

  26. thebonedance Says:

    They did pretty well. Julianne looked really adorable.

  27. Viva La Vida Says:

    Cody’s not a star… I don’t know what he’s doing on DWTS.

  28. TakeABreath Says:

    they were awesome!!

  29. Dangaaa Says:

    wow..dude they were amazing. i loved it..that’s got to be the best dance they’ve done!! [:


  30. ontheDL Says:

    im not a fan of cody…

    but that was pretty darn good. =]

  31. Sarah Says:

    Did cody get in?
    I hope so
    It so should be aired in australia
    i mean theres no hot starts on our version of DWTS!

  32. Cathe Says:

    they dance veryyyyyyyy veryyy gooooood!!!!!
    it was perfect!

  33. nelena is real fuck NILEY Says:

    cody should date her !!! theyd be sooooo CUTEE !

  34. vampirexgirl Says:

    Woah, that was amazing!
    Cody is a really good dancer!
    And was that Taylor Swift in the audience?

  35. cynthia Says:

    AMAZING! ❤

  36. melani Says:

    Perrfect,should’ve been a score of 30.

  37. " Says:

    that was so dang good
    never knew they would have done it this awesome
    cuz they were totally clueless about wht to do from before.

  38. :) Says:


    updates coming soon 🙂

  39. yaya Says:

    i think they were fantastic. i wish they would have gotten the same scores as brooke and derek but they were close just off by one point. i think it was cause it looked like cody had a little hard time trying to walk when he was carrying julianne but either way they were great. and i love there little i love lucy outfits they look soo cute.

  40. yaya Says:

    i think cody has a little thing for her.

    yea im pretty sure he has a crush on her but i mean who wouldnt shes beautiful and talented lol.

  41. =) Says:

    That was awesome!
    Great job Cody!

  42. unknown Says:

    wat kind of name is vampirexgirl…… lmmfao i cant stop laughing oooooooooooh

  43. i heart vfc Says:

    that was probably his best dance so far.
    they did great. go cody!!

  44. =D Says:

    they did soooo good!

  45. Katy Says:

    cody was fantabulicious last nite!
    im so proud *tear*

  46. Emily Says:

    that was the cutest dance I have like ever seen. congrats, Cody amazes me almost everyday more and more

  47. wow Says:

    cody has a giant thing for her. he must get excited everytime he touches her. hha

  48. Brandi Says:

    that was amazing!
    cody is sooo adorable 🙂
    this was a really good dance

  49. Jackie Says:


  50. Sarah Says:

    wow, hot, like omg sooo hot…haha..loved it:D
    idk how they move like that..

  51. becky baybey Says:

    Cody Linley is such a creeper, I don’t like him.
    But I love Julianne Hough. She’s really talented :]

  52. Melanie Says:

    I vote for them.(:
    I hope they winn!

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