Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale ARTIST ON ARTIST

Myspace Artist on Artist with Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron.

37 Responses to “Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale ARTIST ON ARTIST”

  1. Jonassy Luv Says:


  2. ¡¡abby Says:


  3. Jonassy Luv Says:

    ummmm idk i didnt watch it BUT I WAS FIRST

  4. sara Says:


  5. cara mara. [pjf.] Says:

    saw this on that sb site.

  6. you go glenn coco! Says:

    haha. ashley is sucha homewrecker.
    could she be any more flirty with a taken man
    haha. they’re so cute though. that was funny

  7. cara mara. [pjf.] Says:

    “peeing out your nerves,”

  8. maaa Says:

  9. djkgdhs Says:

    ashley is such a flirt!
    i like her hair much better like this.

  10. Teresa Says:

    Jeezus! Could they have been anymore obvious flirting? If Zac and V break-up I know who will be right there to “comofrt” Zac!

  11. aBBBBYY Says:

    im so excited for hsm3 ;D

  12. ladyfuckinlove Says:

    zac is cute but he is so boring

  13. ashley Says:

    wow and ashley says she’s not attracted to zac.

    yeah right!

    but i do love her name haha!

  14. JONASLOVE* Says:

    they would make a cute couple theyre always laughing and smiling in interviews unlike vanessa

  15. hhhh Says:

    I saw hsm3 today…out in london!!!


    i have to say though it didnt feel like hsm cause alot of stuff were gabrielle was diff and sharpay was mean too was sad at the end though… graduation!

    the 1st number is now or never.. at can i have this dnce theres a real kiss at the end of it! My fave number was the boys are back..its troy and chad!!

    all the stars are in i want it all…

    overall it was good but I think that 1 nd 2 were better than this 1!!

    oohh kelsey and ryan get the schloarship!

  16. angela Says:

    i think zashley is cute i hate vanessa.

  17. nadia Says:

    i saw hsm3 today i was good but the first was better

  18. hhhh Says:

    i saw hsm3 today i was good but the first was better


    same..i was expectin waaaaaaayy bigger!! did they kiss atr the end i misse the bit afetr troy gave his speech

  19. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    where I live HSM3 doesn’t come out till the 24th..i can’t wait to see it!!

  20. brittany Says:

    ashley and zac would be so cute togetherrr!

  21. Meghan Says:

    The scene for I Want It All reminds me of the movie Chicago, love it. :-]

  22. mn Says:

    I’d rather him be with ashley.

  23. sj Says:

    :O ashley iis a bi t ch!

  24. Grace Says:


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  25. BERTY Says:


  26. youcreepin'? Says:


  27. Tatiana Says:

    Oooooh the burning sexual tension.

  28. HALD Says:

    I love them together.
    Such a cuter couple than Zac and Vanessa.

  29. kd Says:

    go ashley sleep with him already. We all know ashley is secrelty in love with zack.

  30. SelenaMileyDemiii Says:

    They look cute together…

  31. Luciana Says:


  32. Holly Says:

    YAY! this way wayy funny,i cant wait for HSM3!!!
    oh and i dont know why but i when people write ”zack” instead of ”zac”

  33. Samuel Says:

    I prefer Ashley With the Handsome Zac. It means: They Make a beautiful pair and nobody can say NO about that. But Vanessa Needs to know that her beauty doesn´t convence Zac.
    Ashley is Part of my life.
    She is a pretty girl, and Zac is a nice boy.
    So, everybody wants Ashley and Zac together !!!!!!

  34. E[♥] Says:

    damn ashley!
    all flirting.
    ha that was fuuny 😀

    zac is a babeeee<3
    but you can tell he has all eyes for V!(:

  35. maddie Says: CELEBRITY NEWS THERE!!

  36. summer; team jonas/demi! Says:

    awe, zashley forever!
    did you guys see those pictures of them they looked like a couple, and they flirt so much! its so cute they look so happy and comforatable around eachother, and when he is with vanessa its like.. ok… lol and KD we all no ashley is in love with zac, yes. but zac is also in love with ashley.

  37. zashleyfan Says:

    Ash is so hot for zac’s bod.

    “I liked the basketball scene too… you were all sweaty…”

    “I noticed that I’m more nervous around you.”

    She’s in love with him and she’s using Jared to get over the fact that Zanessa won’t freaking end. How sad 😦

    Zashley still is eternally ftw.

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