Ashley Tisdale Does Regis And Kelly Live 10/23

24 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale Does Regis And Kelly Live 10/23”

  1. haley Says:

    awh man
    hsm 3 tmrw!

  2. MkKrazyKelso Says:

    love regis and kelly!
    love tisdale!

  3. Lexi Says:


  4. Says:

    4th??!! yay

  5. emma Says:


  6. sally Says:

    check out…


    thanks 😉

  7. Ally Says:

    love her new hair

  8. kasey Says:

    she is so pretty!!

  9. sophie Says:

  10. JoBros#1Fan Says:

    lovin the brown locks on her! she is a natural brunette ya know.

  11. JoNaSjUnKiE Says:

    Serious???!?? HSM 3 comes out tomorro in america??? OMG it came out yesterday(22nd) in England! that is soooo weird. cos like america usually gets stuff before us…

  12. omi Says:


    zek is soo funny.
    i love it when troy slaps him….LOL

    i was watching high school musical last night with my baby sister.
    it was soo strange seeing how young they all look compare to them now.
    they all got big…ha!

  13. yaya Says:

    i love ashleys outfit. she looks beautiful as usual and i love the dark hair. i cant wait till tomorrow!!!

  14. no one Says:

    awesome! but ew! i hate her hair!

  15. kayla. Says:

    The Tiz 😀
    lmfao. i love her hairrr.

  16. mich Says:

    haha they used the same line from the first hsm. when sharpay asks troy when the big game is he says yesterday.

    writers got lazy lol?

  17. isabella Says:

    wasn’t her hair shorter like yesterday? haha.

    but…….she is pretty!

  18. LH! Says:

    she looks horrible with that hair style …she gain weight and her nose surgery make it worst

  19. Rawr, Its Emily Says:

    I hate her shoes.
    But other than that she looks beauitful!

  20. demi&MILEY!foreva Says:

    I ❤ her, and yey Miley lives near her!

  21. Person (team everyone bby) Says:

    i love her shes so prettyyyy

  22. the power of 8 Says:


  23. peanutbutterjellydance Says:

    i like her hair better when it was blond, even though shes a natural brunette. when her hair was naturally brunette, it probably looked better, but now it kinda makes her face look washed out, dont ya think?

  24. ♥JesseLovesJonas♥ Says:


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