AJ Michalka In Vail, Colorado With Lover Bennett

An oceanUPPER sent in, ‘My brother does competitive ice hockey up in Vail, CO with AJ Michalka’s boyfriend Bennett, and today was the start of a tournament.. I saw AJ Michalka in the stands with her cousin Sarah. And Just about 30 minutes ago I saw AJ and her cousin arrive @ the Vail Marriott and go into the restaurant.

AJ‘s personal blog: Hi people! I know there’s been lots of anticipation lately but you guys are gonna flippin dig this new record. It won’t be out till next year, we really don’t know when, just know that we don’t wanna rush it.

Believe me it’ll be worth the wait πŸ™‚ We’re writing so many songs, they’re basically coming out of our ears. Gonna be super picky over what should make the record & what shouldn’t. The geniuses we’ve been working with have been so inspiring & we’ve learned so much.

Also been reading such good scripts lately! Lots of great movies are gonna start shooting early next year πŸ™‚ Love the fall, in Cali it doesn’t really exist but crank up the AC & light the fireplace to fake some coziness haha Looking forward to visiting my boyfriend in Vail Colorado, going to see him kick some butt on the ice playing hockey.

Miss him 😦 Lots of love….holllllaaaa xoxo AJ

72 Responses to “AJ Michalka In Vail, Colorado With Lover Bennett”

  1. lauren Says:

    she is NOT an attractive girl and this dude looks like hes 12! even creepy under devoloped david archuleta looks older than this guy!

  2. 2nd? Says:


  3. tia Says:

    dont care


  4. yuppers Says:

    he is so HOT!

  5. Allyson Says:

    His teeth look really messed up… Just Sayin…

  6. Allyson Says:

    I don’t really think he is that Hot either…. i’ve seen better…

  7. Sam Says:

    wow shes open with it! i am suprised.. well at least she doesnt lie or hide it..
    they seem happy πŸ™‚ haha

  8. Allyson Says:

    He sorta looks like a hockey player!

  9. Allyson Says:

    Wow No one is posting yet….

  10. ressica&jilee Says:

    hah cool.
    when is the new site coming up?

  11. Allyson Says:

    This is my 5th comment! And my last…. Cuz i’m bored with this…

  12. amanda Says:

    i like how she says who she’s going out with
    unlike some celebs
    but yeah why would you hide that idk if i was going out
    with someone and i was famous i would let people know
    i mean unless i was embaressed but i would go out with
    someone i was embaressed to say …

  13. kelly Says:

    isnt sarah the cousion that went to gavin degraw with aly and aj and they were mean to people? hahah i love them!

  14. BimBi717Jonas Says:

    I HATE HER!!!

  15. ramsey Says:

    Iv heard their cousion sarah dated kevkev

  16. jenn Says:

    Iv heard their cousion sarah dated kevkev

  17. Irene Says:

    i dont like AJ but i like Aly.
    but i like that AJ opens up about her relationship.
    unlike..nelena…which i really wana kno!!!

  18. cara mara. Says:

    finally! someone OPEN about their relationship.

  19. kasey Says:

    he is so fug wow

  20. amanda Says:

    no one cares about aj and her stupid cousion sarah

  21. TEAM SELENA Says:

    i like Aly better.

  22. amelia Says:

    to people saying that she’s really open with it and most celebs hide it, maybe it’s because for other celebs, they get picked on it more and people like prowling in their business. aj’s not a huugee star, so reporters and stuff don’t really bug her about that subject

  23. Ashton N. Says:

    I know their cousion Sarahhhhhh =D my little sister cheers with her little sister sarah looks alot like aly i think

  24. you go glenn coco!! Says:

    aw she’s really cute. not gonna lie, athletic boyfriends will
    always be a sweet upgrade from the rockstar boyfriend.

  25. joesucks. Says:

    i bet he sucks.
    he would know hockey if it hit him in the face.
    and i think my brother might play him. they play a vail team and he’s in his age group. but my brothers semi-pro and this guy just looks like a douche who.. attempts..

  26. Abby Says:

    They are adorable together!!!

  27. M!leyfanforever. Says:

    hes kinda cute :]

  28. xoraeeee Says:


  29. joesucks. Says:

    allyson no he doesnt.
    trust me ive seen hockey players every day of my life for 15 years.
    he.. is douchey gay face looking, not skilled looking.

  30. Stephyyy Says:

    there cute<3

  31. Sirrep Says:

    Its refreshing so see someone open about their relationship!

  32. chicken Says:

    cuteee but she looks kinda old next to him

  33. joesucks. Says:

    and oceanup that isnt her ‘official blog’

  34. Renee Says:

    To Joesucks:

    Yes it is their ‘official blog’ it is off of alyandaj.com their official website under their blogs… research before you state your opinion kay thanks =D

  35. haley Says:

    shes so awesome

  36. leslieee Says:

    finally someone reveals who they are dating…

    it’s not like the world is one giant secret.
    having a personal life can be fine with revealing who you’re dating.

  37. kayla. Says:

    yeah go to your ugly ass boyfriend AJ…

  38. Kristy K. Says:

    Ohhhh Isnt their cousions name sarah everhart???

  39. Laura Says:

    finally, someone who’s doesn’t NOT ADMIT that they have a boyfriend
    she’s suppa fly ❀

  40. AshleySmashley Says:

    Yep kristy! Her name is sarah everhart! And she goes to FIDM and lived with them for a while… She is also close with the eldest JOBRO kevin =) they have actually talked about her before on here about her going to concerts and watching they are just friends…. You cant tell im love aly and aj or anything right? haha i actually own a aly aj fan site so i no alot like everything lol

  41. Lane M. Says:

    You guys probably shouldnt be saying their cousions sarah’s last name everyone will go look for her on facebook or something lol

  42. Ashlee J Says:

    I just found their cousion on facebook haha her name is under sarah elliott everhart

  43. alysha Says:


  44. harvey Says:

    Its OK for her to say who’s dating because its not like her fans are going to send him hate email and phone calls. Quite different for a girl (celebrity or non celebrity) dating a teen move star or pop star. They all get hate mail and threats. The guys have to lie to try and protect their girlfriends/friends .
    There are some really scary “fans” out there.

  45. Tianna Says:

    Loveloveloveloveloveeee AJ and their cute little cousion

  46. :B Says:

    I love how she’s all chill and stuff (:
    And she dsnt have a lot of drama in her celebrity life.
    She’s so pretty and talented.
    I wish her the best for her and her ‘love’ ❀

  47. kat Says:

    thats cute
    i really wanna hear that album!
    the writing on the first two were kinda eh…
    mabye the “geniuses” will help them write some that rock

  48. Person (team everyone bby) Says:


  49. homeless Says:

    Kinda funny about this article, is that the hockey tournament hasnt even started yet…and doesn’t for a month

  50. camila Says:

    hes not hot AT ALL

  51. Rease Says:


  52. homeless Says:

    oh wait… yeah it did whoops

  53. v in texas Says:

    aly and aj are awesome. I like them better than jb.

  54. dasfe Says:

    i didn’t know tori spelling was dating aj…

  55. " Says:

    Oceanup, you could have hit the guys damn face so we
    wouldnt have to bear his ugliness. Looked at it for a second and IT’S killing my eyes!!!

  56. aly Says:

    that boy’s fug.

  57. erghghghghirwuhgjd Says:

    Could ppl please stop trying to be who their not! My god, you can tell she is tryin to Gangsta!! (my opinion!) I used to be a fan, i mean their music’s good but now they just seem so fake! Its so annoying!

  58. bridget Says:

    i honestly don’t get how people say they are fake. People say stuff like “holla” all the time, she was joking around. She talks like that in her blogs and in the videos because she’s just being herself and not making everything she says sound rehearsed.

    Who cares if he’s not a model? They both look really happy in the pic and that’s all that really matters. When was the last time Joe smiled like the way AJ is in this pic?

    Unlike JB Aly and AJ seem to actually be happy right now and love what they do, and that’s why they’re taking their time on this album. They actually care about their music. If having fun and taking your profession seriously is fake then I guess Aly and AJ are fake.

  59. veronicas fan Says:

    you guys are pathetic.
    aly AND aj are sweet, talented girls and what does it matter what bennett looks like??!?!
    superficial bitches

  60. chococandy Says:

    wow i cant even recongnize her with out her make up!!!

  61. WOW Says:


    Would you please grow up a bit? Stop saying AJ is stupid and ugly. You are probably just jelous that she dated Joe Jonas. Get over it. That was like 2 years ago people. She is a beautiful girl, and she does not deserve to be treated the way some of you have treated her. Would you like to be called ugly or repulsive? I think not. I think that Bennet is a cutie pie, and at least she is happy. Unlike a lot of you stuck up, snobby, callous, malicious bitches. Grow up.

  62. Katie Says:

    leave the hate mail to yourselves.
    i am so frickin happy for aj! and for all you jonas brothers fans who trash her every living moment stfu! You have no right to be talking. At least shes happy and hes not bad at all. hes pretty cute! From the way aj looks their probably tired. i have seen other pics of him hes good lookin! GO AJ!

  63. Brittany Says:

    haha he goes to my school :] lol

  64. Nikki Says:

    HEY! I know him πŸ™‚
    hes amazing.

  65. Nikki Says:

    HEY! i know him πŸ™‚
    hes amazing

  66. Get Some!! Says:

    Bennit is sorta weird.

  67. Kristen:) Says:

    Ummm……He is such a babe!! i love him and im happy for aj! HOT!!!!!

  68. Allison Says:

    Oh My Goodness…
    That kid goes to my school
    i totally sat next to him fro a whole year in geometry….wow
    i don’t find him that attractive, but best of luck to the really cute couple.

  69. caroline Says:

    wow he was in one of my classes all year and he is a total jerk who thinks he is all that and he needs to grow up and he flaunts her around like he is the best guy in the world because they were dating

  70. Sprmcandy Says:

    Pretty blonde bimbo.

  71. Mercy Says:

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  72. Ari Allard Says:

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