Trailer for Ashley Tisdale‘s new movie ‘They Came From Upstairs.’

47 Responses to “Ashley Tisdale THEY CAME FROM UPSTAIRS”

  1. Rachel Says:


  2. susan !* Says:

    senconnd yaaay

  3. amanda Says:


  4. lovecamille Says:

    That is totally like an ET immitation but more childish

  5. kayla. Says:

    aw :]
    looks cute.

  6. wow... Says:

    Rip off of E.T

    its the truth don’t you agree?

  7. wow Says:


  8. wow... Says:

    Rip off of E.T

    its the truth don’t you agree?

    E.T can never be beat!

  9. rachael Says:

    That looks interesting?

  10. tia Says:

    omfg this is gunna BOMB! but onto something cooler…this was filmed here in new zealand and my friend elisabeth was ashleys double! but that still doesnt change the fact that this loos super lame

  11. wow Says:

    yupse daisy

  12. lauren Says:

    this looks really stupid! why the hell does she always blabber on about doing grown up roles if shes just going to go and make something even more childish than HSM??? FAIL!

  13. ella Says:

    woah this looks retarded. 10 dollars says this is gunna do worse than all of hilary duffs movies put together. she should enjoy her HSM fame while it last, cuz come febuary next year, its going to be gone.

  14. Trisha Says:

    Ashley is awesome. I love her. I used to hate her but now I finally found out that there’s no reason to hate her.

  15. Sue-Hailey Says:


    this movie is SO gonna suck. This actually looks WORSE than Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    epic fail. utter fail. fail.

  16. I'M A HATERRRR Says:


  17. m nkj, Says:


  18. Rachel Says:

    ET phone home ?

  19. bipnihuhj Says:

    umm,on the web of this movie they sed that robert hoffman was one of the main stars on this movie!!!]

    where is he?!

  20. " Says:

    Oh dang
    i thought they were gonna blow of that ugly green shit’s head
    for a minute. Guess not and i won’t watch.

  21. aussie disney lover Says:


    it looks KINDA good

  22. Fat Bastard Says:

    Aye, yeh look like a BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET IN MY BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IM HIGHER IN THE FOOD CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. uglybetty2 Says:

    um this sorta ok IS crappy.

  24. sadf Says:

    like et

  25. :] Says:

    isn’t that the guy from as the bell rings?

  26. ERIKA Says:



  27. ew Says:




    true. can’t hollywood come up with anything original these days?

  28. sophie Says:


  29. thebonedance Says:

    Lol. Pretty much is E.T. But those of you yelling “RIP OFF” – that’s what the movie industry does all the time with a lot of movies you guys love watching, but now that it’s ripped off of a movie YOU’VE seen before, then it’s not okay? Nice logic.

  30. j Says:

    looks stupid

  31. cristina Says:

    that looks cutee

  32. emma Says:

    first of, E.T is ceepy. omg, it gave me nightmares when i was littlle…
    2nd: it looks crap 🙂 just sayin.

  33. samanthA Says:

    i love ashley but this just looks exactly like ET (a horribly wrong version) so im going to say NO to this movie…

  34. kelly Says:

    thats my cousin ….

    the blonde one

  35. looboohaebee Says:

    psh i think it looks cute.
    im getting too old for kids movies
    but i just can’t help it!

  36. Shelbie Says:

    This looks awesome

  37. Rawr, Its Emily Says:

    I love Ashley(:
    But…. This movie looks like it sucks..
    I might watch it.. idk.. we’ll see..


  38. Rawr, Its Emily Says:

    psh i think it looks cute.
    im getting too old for kids movies
    but i just can’t help it!

    You’re never to old for kid movies!

  39. Please,ღ♥♫☼☺☆©¬✬░Bitch Says:

    S0_o_o_o FRCK3N CuT3.

    Ill bet ANYONE they’ll preview this in HSM3.

    ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █
    Min- – – – – – – – ●- – -Max
    ▌▌ P a u s e.► Play. ■ S t o p.
    ♫ Now playing: яιgнт нεяε♥яιgнт ησω

  40. maddie Says: CELEBRITY GOSSIP!!!!

  41. xoraeeee Says:

    Wasn’t this a book or something???

  42. jonaslovatogomez Says:

    just like et

  43. jaccca Says:

    The two twins are my neghibors…

  44. omg Says:

    it looks like ET but a little childish.

  45. disneey Says:

    looks really really dumb

  46. amy Says:

    uhmmm… ET RIP OFF MUCH??

    but ET is muuuchooo better. im sure

  47. woah Says:

    ET knockoff

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