Justin Gaston Wrote A Love Song For Taylor Swift

DRAMA! Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Justin Gaston wrote a love song for his ‘Love Story’ music video costar Taylor Swift called ‘Miss Swift.’ His voice is terrible, just sayin’!

144 Responses to “Justin Gaston Wrote A Love Song For Taylor Swift”

  1. hey dude Says:


  2. hm Says:

    hes not that bad.

  3. Joenickkevinjonas Says:


  4. prettymistake Says:

    aww thats sweet his voice is ok and the songs good

  5. vhnst Says:

    wat is the 2nd video?
    I’m on my phone n can’t see it

  6. Anna Says:

    i don’t think hes bad. at all. i kinda like it.

  7. MemE Says:

    he sounds rlly good! i dont think hes terrible! and he probably wrote this song b4 him and miley started goin out 🙂

  8. camille Says:

    i’d love them together

  9. kayla. Says:

    holy shit.
    joe, he’s movin’ in you gotta stop him!

  10. erica Says:

    i actually don’t think his voice is terrible at all. i really like it, tbh.

  11. mee Says:

    i love his voice!!

  12. NATY Says:

    who cares about this guy?

  13. mary Says:

    his voice is not terrible

  14. melani Says:

    That’s really sweet and he sounds good actually. I wonder what Taylor thinks about him,why didn’t they get together and when did he write that song, so many questions , no answers, he needs to go with her and leave Miley alone so she can go back to Nick
    vhnst- on 2nd viddeo is Taylor’s video that he’s in

  15. kinley Says:

    hahahahahahahahahhaa arnt like taylor and miley really good friends?

    ohhh poor miley.

  16. lizz Says:

    that was kinda stupid song

  17. Valerie Says:

    I actually liked it.
    I loved how he played off her songs: “little back dress” “head on my chest” “pickup truck” — that he would let her drive

    but yeah. if miley & justin are actually together, the drama now unfolds…

  18. bahahaha Says:

    whoa, must be embarrassing to have a bf who’s both prettier AND more talented than you…

  19. tswift4l Says:

    i sent this in i want credit!

  20. kayla. Says:

    okay, this is actually hilarious.
    aren’t taylor and miley biffles?
    poor miley, can’t catch a break.

    and Joe! ohmygod, ever since the break up he’s been fucking depressed.
    i wonder what he thinks about all of this…

    “no taylor you’re right!
    i’m wrong!
    DON’T MOVE ON!!!”

  21. Me Says:

    His voice is not terrible…jeeze oceanup stop being jealous and trying to find something about him that you can judge!

  22. clem Says:

    woahh this is intense
    awkward for miley and taylors friendship…

  23. i just want you to know who i am Says:

    my ears are bleedin!

  24. kinley Says:

    okay, this is actually hilarious.
    aren’t taylor and miley biffles?
    poor miley, can’t catch a break.

    and Joe! ohmygod, ever since the break up he’s been fucking depressed.
    i wonder what he thinks about all of this…

    “no taylor you’re right!
    i’m wrong!
    DON’T MOVE ON!!!”


    hahahahaha agreeeed!

  25. Mileys a fag Says:


    DAMN,well You NEVER hear Demi is all this crap:)

  26. Maddy Says:

    Its not too bad.

  27. i just want you to know who i am Says:

    hahahahah this shit is hilarious
    justin sucks at singing
    no wonder he got kicked off nashville star the 3rd week
    i wonder if taylor has heard this?

  28. sophie Says:


  29. Kristina Says:

    ha that sucks

  30. ABbbbbbYYYYYYYYYYY :P Says:

    stick to modeling underpants my friend.

  31. kayla. Says:

    justin’s a jonas ex gf stealer.
    first miley [nick’s ex gf] now taylor [joe’s ex gf]

  32. nnn Says:

    poor miley i wonder how she feels about this,i read were he had a big crush on taylor

  33. Mileys a fag Says:



  34. Shelbie Says:

    Aw thats sweet

  35. kels Says:

    his voice is great, and he is sooo dreamy.
    such a cute song.
    but what about all the lines he stole from her songs?

  36. Cloe Says:

    that’s funny

    Drama over here!

    but I like his voice, & he’s cute!

    soon he’ll be a singer!

  37. cara mara. Says:

    lmaaaaao awe<3

  38. Krystal Says:

    His voice is AMAZING, it’s so country & sexy …
    UGH, I love it so much …

    What the hell is wrong with you OCEANUP ?

    You guys always have something horrible to say about anyone who is associated with Miley Cyrus & it’s fucking pathetic …

    GROW UP.

  39. cara mara. Says:

    who cares about this guy?

    Miley, Taylor, & the runway apparently.

  40. sav Says:

    He has a nice voice. Grow up Oceanup, geez.

    And if yall are just now hearing about this, then Miley already knows about it. This was put on youtube last month, so it’s probably older than that.

  41. Haley Says:

    Uhm, his voice is not that bad…. xD

  42. ladyfuckinlove Says:

    voice is ok for a pedophile famewhore whos using miley for fame

  43. Katie Says:

    He’s an absolutely woeful singer. Don’t kid yourself that he
    is good just because he is handsome!! Anyone that genuinely
    thinks that he is good, is definitely tone deaf…Also OCEANUP
    please stop posting about this guy, he’s a nobody looking
    for fame which he doesn’t deserve!!!

  44. unforgettable Says:

    vhnst: in case anyone hasn’t answered you, i don’t feel like checking, but the second video is just taylor’s music video for love story.

    i don’t think that justin has a “terrible” voice, it’s not that good but it’s not terrible.
    but this drama just makes me want to vomit.
    it’s stupid.

  45. Julie Says:

    This is actually pretty old. Justin USED to really like Taylor apparently.

  46. kayla. Says:

    who cares about this guy?

    Miley, Taylor, & the runway apparently.

    i doubt taylor cares.
    she’s still hung up over that jonas kid.

  47. maddie Says:

    http://hollytauntes.com CELEBRITY GOSSIP!!!!

  48. truth Says:

    I thought it was actually melodic and clever. Miss Swift, you’re too fast, I can’t catch you, come back to me now…that’s cute. And dropping the song titles…I felt like they were well played off and pretty good.

  49. chloe*obama 08!* Says:

    omg this is hilarious!!! hahaha he wrote her a song lmfao. i knew he had a crush on her but this is kinda weird

  50. demi&MILEY!foreva Says:

    He has a sweet voice, I love the lyrics!
    He’d let her drive the pickup truck!
    *Julie* jw how do you know he liked Taylor?

    shut up Ocean up 😉 jk, but seriously I’m not liking the rude attitude!

  51. Shelby Says:

    he’s not bad…

  52. Marisa Says:

    i get the song like when he said you can even drive or something like that in taylor songs like picture to burn she could never drive his truck

  53. kayla. Says:

    i think justin is really hott though.
    and if him and taylor dated…i’d throw up.
    don’t get me wrong, i love taylor but…i really like her and joebear together.

  54. claudia Says:

    his voice is not bad;
    i don’t like when ocean up gives stupid remarks.
    you’re not perez !

  55. =] Says:

    hes dosnt suck hes really good

  56. samanthA Says:

    haha thats hilarious…at least taylor is LEGAL.
    his voice is kinda good, actually.

  57. Ashley Says:

    Aww its cute how he uses lyrics from her songs 🙂
    His voice isn’t terrible oceanUP. He sounds good. Not the best but it’s nice and peaceful haha. This song is cute.

  58. wtf. Says:

    WTF.. his voice is really nice. Once again this prooves Oceanup’s bias.

  59. lala Says:

    i wonder how miley feels about this…… maybe he will right a song about her too.

  60. JonasBrothersRockTheWorld!(: Says:

    Woww miley being hurt again?
    I hope this is fake.
    I like taylor’s music but I don’t belive her “Poor little innocent girl” character If she hurted joe that bitch is going to get hurt ahahha
    Miley should date Mitchell Musso I think he loves her and she would be really happy.



  61. JonasBrothersRockTheWorld!(: Says:

    Jaylor was not cute guys.
    Nelena is.

    Joe is mine.


  62. Breezy Schultz Says:

    I think the song is cute.
    He played off all of her songs really well.

  63. JonasBrothersRockTheWorld!(: Says:

    I think he sucks.

  64. desirae. Says:

    i like his voice …it’s cute.

  65. Melissa Says:

    his voice isn’t terrible, i like it. he’s actually good.
    gorgeous, good at singing, plays guitar,
    he’s nearly perfect, lucky miley.

  66. M!leyfanforever. Says:

    i think he has a good voice 🙂

  67. laura Says:

    uhm, i don’t think he has a terrible voice at all!

  68. V Says:

    his voice is not terrible, who ever owns this site is some selena,demi,jb obssesor and is always downing anyone who has anything to do with miley.

  69. Schnookums. Says:

    Terrible voice?
    What the heck are you talking about OceanUP?
    I didn’t think it was terrible … it was better than decent …
    I’d rate his voice probably a 7-8/10.

  70. kaila Says:

    his voice isn’t terrible..

    i love “love song”!

  71. JonasBrothersRockTheWorld!(: Says:

    Aggh guys he sucks at singing and he’s not cute!
    Nick pones him.
    Miley deserves better than this fake stupid guy.


  72. ataLya Says:

    eh it’s ok.. it’s not like unique but it’s not bad,
    and him & taylor would make a good couple.

  73. ataLya Says:

    =0 i didnt’t know that taylor is in ‘hannah montana:the movie” i didn’t even know they were friends

  74. stephy Says:

    stick to modeling underpants my friend.

  75. Tia and Manderzz Says:

    His voice is amazing and this song is rad (=
    Oceaanup, you seriously should stop being bias about Miley, and
    everyone associated with her, It’s fricken lame!

  76. Kai Says:

    Ok this is def old. His voice isn’t that bad. He is actually a good singer, youtube him. Besides he is so f-ing hott he doesn’t matter 🙂 haha Nahh but I would rather see him and Tay together instead of Miley. Buuut whatever. I think thats a lil awkward…i mean he wrote a freaking song for Taylor but now dating her friend haaa

  77. brittanymarie Says:

    awwwthats so cute!!! i love how he incorporated all her songs into it, super cute

  78. mileyfan7 Says:

    Say WHAT?! lol

    He does’nt have a terrible voice!

    He is pretty good, actually!

  79. mireenajonas Says:

    His voice is okay, I’ve heard way worse. I really like the song though, it’s cute.

  80. 299201 Says:

    Did I hear wrong, or did he say “intenasy” instead of “intensity”? Or did he mean “Tennessee”?

    I’m pretty sure I heard wrong…

  81. ....... Says:

    his voice is terrible.HOW CAN U AY THAT OCEANUP????THEY JUST HATE MILEY UGH YOU SICKEN ME OCEANUP.However, if selena was dating him or whatever u would be like “oms(oh my selena:-() he sings awesome!”eww oceanup is annoying me

  82. freakyonas fan Says:

    his voice is not that bad.. its actually really good

  83. rach1991 Says:


  84. nj. Says:

    okay voice isnt that bad, but she doesnt have blue eyes…

  85. jblover611 Says:

    i liked his voice!!!! 😀

  86. Nicole Says:

    Wait, when did they supposedly date or were “interested” or whatever? Because she DEFINITELY had a thing with Martin not too long ago. I’m confused. What’s the time line on this?

    He says Tennessee by the way.

  87. Devon Says:

    i love this song and the video was cute<3

    omg and justin is so hot!!!!!!!

  88. Isabelle Says:

    omg o:

  89. edwardcullenlove Says:

    i think the song is named mrs. swift to trick everyone into thinking he’s now madly in love with taylor but its really about miley.

  90. Emily Says:

    I like his voice! its nice..

  91. kristen Says:

    He’s gooooddd, are you crazayyy

  92. yeahyeah. Says:

    his singing sucks.
    taylor would be too good for him.
    he’s butt ugly.
    him + miley can go emigrate for all i care.


  93. Katherine Says:

    when justin was sitting under the tree,
    i thought it was joe :O ! lmao

  94. Me Says:

    okay, this is actually hilarious.
    aren’t taylor and miley biffles?
    poor miley, can’t catch a break.

    and Joe! ohmygod, ever since the break up he’s been fucking depressed.
    i wonder what he thinks about all of this…

    “no taylor you’re right!
    i’m wrong!
    DON’T MOVE ON!!!”

    aww! why the heck is he writing a song for taylor swift if hes dating miley…….aww and joe!!!!!!!

  95. whAAt? Says:

    whaat? his voice is awesome!
    i would like to hear ur voice oceanup!!

  96. heather Says:

    you could OBVIOUSLY tell it was for her, besides the fact that he’s saying “miss swift.” he was naming all of her songs.
    our song, a perfectly good heart, picture to burn, a place in this world..
    man. i want a guy like that. 🙂

  97. oohhhhlaaa Says:

    him and taylor would be so cuteeee

  98. Fer Says:

    >.< taylor and justin would make a perfect couple!
    Oh poor miley…

  99. LH Says:

    poor miley.. HAHAHAHAHA

  100. haha Says:

    its awesome!
    better then the guys t my school

  101. sg Says:

    “his voice is terrible”-oceanup…

    u guys really suck…he has a very pretty voice. gosh.

  102. Kat Says:

    ahhhhh hahaha. wow, he sucks
    and hes using miley
    which im fine with
    cuz she sucks

  103. alittlebitlonger Says:


    a good website doesn’t post their opinions so shut UP!!

    his voice sounds like david archuletas so its not that bad!!!!!!!

  104. la la la Says:

    This isn’t that bad, it’s actually really cute.
    Mostly I just like the chorus “Oh Miss Swift you’re too fast I can’t catch you come back”
    And he’s not a bad singer, oceanup has been really biased lately….

  105. Trisha Says:

    OMG!! He’s the one in Taylor’s “Love Story” music video?!?! I didn’t know that and he looks like Joe Jonas!! Only a little.

  106. Bridget x0x0 Says:

    he is pretty good

  107. Bridget x0x0 Says:

    actually people- he used to have a really big crush on taylor. thats when we wrote this song

  108. cindy Says:

    he’s not that bad.
    i didnt know he was in taylors vid though.
    o god now it’s gunna be miley and taylor drama everywhere….

  109. Lee Says:

    Why does everyone some how have to bring the Jonas Brothers into everything this song is about justin and taylor who cares if taylor went out with joe their not dateing now. Im just saying i love the jonas brothers but everyone tries to cause more darma then needed. Oh and I don’t think Joe has been depressed latley he looks really good besides rumor has it he broke up with her so why would he be depressed.

  110. aubrey Says:

    aww i like his voice =] and the song.

  111. K Says:

    Yep, IT IS SOOOOO OBVIOUS he’s just using Miley for publicity and to further his career and its working! He’d drop Miley for Taylor in a heartbeat…Miley is going to be the next pregnant teen!
    Cant believe her dad is letting her date a 20 yr old!

  112. retah Says:

    I still believe Miley when she says she and Justin are good friends. Until a picture or something proves otherwise, I am taking Milez word on this one. But OceanUp will continue to post fight provoking posts, because we keep coming in here.

  113. " Says:

    I hope hes cheating on miley with taylor behind her back >:)
    im gonna stop calling him–> gay and a manwhore/ attention bitch<– if he does hahaha

  114. justme Says:

    this dude is jared murillo 2.0 dating a famous girl for fame. Whore!

  115. Janny Says:

    haha ! his first choice was tailor and miley only second D:
    FAME WHORE !!!

  116. Team Miley Says:

    ew taylor swift is gross.
    he better stay with miley!

  117. Sneha Says:

    Yes i love Taylor.
    He should get with her
    it would be an upgrade from what hes with now
    but then again that might make Joe sad 😦
    o well Jonas Pones.

  118. Jenna Says:

    he’s good!
    why would anyone say this sounds bad?

  119. mileyrox Says:


  120. brittany Says:

    i found it funny in the actual music video for “love story” he has side burns and they were like HUGE!

  121. JBNKNK.!!!!!:D Says:

    he doesnt sing so bad.!
    nice couple of Justin Gaston & Miley Cyrus 😀

  122. .. Says:

    who ever wrote is voice sux is an a-hole.
    just sayin

  123. Tatiana Says:

    Ok I read through all the comments and I can’t believe no one has figured this out yet.
    Obviously he tried to date Taylor for publicity, but she was already going out with Joe(or she rejected him for some other reason) so he went after Miley(who is gullible as hell) for the attention/publicity.
    I mean, he was on Nashville star, obviously he wants to be noticed and will do anything to get that.
    He’s already playing on stage w/ Miley.

  124. me Says:


  125. dis bitch will make u cry Says:

    Miley cyrus is a virus that keeps on spreadin soon the hole will be sick…

    OF HER!!!!!!!!!!

  126. shmiley Says:

    i kinda like it

  127. Asha Says:

    I honestly don’t think his voice is that bad!

  128. Khadijah Says:

    his voice is better then Mileys
    thats funny!!!!

  129. kate Says:

    he’s not bad, i’m sure that in a professional studio, he’d sound like a rockstar.

  130. jk Says:

    His voice is ehh… but not terrible.

  131. JADE ; Says:


  132. Isabella Rushmore Windsor Says:

    At least he sings better than some of the people that are commenting, at least he tried you know… ;D

  133. paula Says:

    its ok

  134. melmo laine Says:

    yeah, justin would be wayyyy better with taylor than with miley.

    hes not that bad of a singer.
    ive heard MUCHHHH worse.

    so yeah, miley is too young anyway, and she is just using justin to get back at all her exes.

    so yeah, and miley is a slut anyway.
    she hops from guy to guy.

    justin would be way better with taylor!


    they would be a much cuter coupleee

    and joe is very rude btw. haha

  135. FCKOCEANUP!!! Says:

    whoever OWNS OCEANUP

    get a lfe, seriously
    ure just a pathetic loser who writes bad stuff about other ppl

  136. a Says:

    actually his voice isn’t bad..! and he has the vocal technique, it just sounds like he’s trying to control his voice like he’s not letting go enough. if he got a vocal instructer and learned to come over that he’d be okay

  137. Sisters Says:

    Justin is REALLY cute but as for writing and singing songs we think he needs a new career. He is really sweet though.

  138. hdkfjngskgshg Says:

    well….he looks better w/ taylor…..sorry…he’s too old for miley!!

  139. sweetheart Says:

    he is my idol . Even though his voice isnt so good but it doesnt means is terrible . i like the lyrics is so romantic . he is so complete he has a heart, looks,a little of his voice , and his guitar.

  140. riley shorman Says:

    i like the song and it is getting more popular but i did not know that all this is to it

  141. asdfghjkl; Says:

    why did he even write the song for taylor but i do think he looks better with taylor

  142. asdfghjkl; Says:

    i actully think justin looks better and more his age with taylor cause isn’t he like 20 and miley is only 17 or something i do not like miley so i do not know

  143. asdfghjkl; Says:

    justin and miley do not look cute i bet miley just wants attention she is full of crap

  144. Thiago strongestman Says:


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