oceanUP MOVING DAY Is Here.

oceanUP.com is finally self hosted here. To comment you have to click on the number next to the star. Final touches will be put on it next week. oceanupped.wordpress.com will be open for at least another month while we transfer over most of the stories. Email us at oceanupped@gmail.com with any issues you may have!

7 Responses to “oceanUP MOVING DAY Is Here.”

  1. natasha Says:

    wow im first!!

  2. Brendan JP Says:



  3. TEAM SELENA Says:

    2nd! 😀

  4. TEAM SELENA Says:

    i miss Selena. 😦

  5. Brendan JP Says:

    i miss Selena. 😦

    They don’t do enough posts of her :/

  6. ohmyjemi Says:

    Please ocean up
    don’t transfer
    no offence but i don’t like the
    new site :[

  7. Brendan JP Says:

    I’ve already gotten used to this one..

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