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oceanUP MOVING DAY Is Here.

October 25, 2008 is finally self hosted here. To comment you have to click on the number next to the star. Final touches will be put on it next week. will be open for at least another month while we transfer over most of the stories. Email us at with any issues you may have!

Miley Cyrus Vs. Demi Lovato SHIRT SHOWDOWN

October 25, 2008

Miley and Demi model the purple ‘LOVE‘ shirt. Thx Peyton!


October 24, 2008


1st Place: 15, 1443
2nd Place: 30, 1030
3rd Place: 1, 355
4th Place: 31,  315
5th Place: 36, 315
6th Place: 16, 273

The oceanUP FAN ART entries were amazing. The winners according to YOUR VOTES! Prizes are Camp Rock DVD, Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer CD and Demi Lovato Don’t Forget CD.

Winners please email with: Your numbered entry and which prize you want listed 1-3,  1 you want it the most. If you already own all three, it will make a nice Christmas gift to a friend!


Chris Koon Wishes oceanUP Happy Birthday :]

October 14, 2008

Chris Koon, who has toured with Jonas Brothers, Push Play and Joey Page, wished oceanUP a Happy 1st Birthday! How nice was that? Thanks, we felt like Popstar! for 20 seconds :]

Selena Gomez Hates Smoking, Loves Shia LaBeouf

October 14, 2008

Selena Gomez constantly gushes about how much she loves Shia LaBeouf. But, did she know he’s a cigarette addict? On smoking, Sel told Seventeen: ‘You don’t smell good, and it makes your teeth yellow. The guys who I like hate it, and I think it’s unattractive. Every single day, with every cigarette, you’re cutting a day of your life.

So it’s up for discussion in the comments. Would YOU date a smoker, even if it was someone you REALLY had a crush on, like Selena and Shia? Scan Credit: Justine at Joe-Jonas.Com.

oceanUP FAN ART CONTEST Voting Begins NOW

October 14, 2008

FAN ART CONTEST entries listed under! Vote for your favorite :] We apologize to anyone we didn’t post as we couldn’t post all of them :]


BEST ALBUM 2008 Selena, Miley, Demi Or Jonas?

October 13, 2008


October 11, 2008

oceanUP SITE BUILDING SLOWdown. Initially, we thought the site would be down for no more than two weeks. WOW, were we wrong! On the positive side, we’re back to updating as often as we used to. We have a phone meeting with the designer on Monday to find out what’s taking SO LONG. Tonight I’ll pray that it will be finished by next week, and until then try to enjoy the stay here on WordPress.

oceanUP FAN ART CONTEST. The contest entries will be posted here on Monday afternoon for everyone to vote on. We’ll most likely announce the WINNERS on the new site. The HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST will also take place on the new site. YAY!